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Founding & Overview Founded as a protected series within a limited liability company, The Ikoku Holdings are able to focus on application and innovation in safeguarding of assets. The structure permits care privacy and security in holding and managing documents, properties and equivalently significant assets for The Ikoku Group and broader communities. Learn More

Founding and Form

Division Founding

The Alvan Ikoku Group Holdings was established in 2020 by Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku — as the primary division of The Ikoku Group able to assume and focus on design, development, implementation, testing and revision of safeguarding and secure management practices and their applications. It is primarily through The Ikoku Holdings that the Founder and The Ikoku Group may approve and conduct the conservative administration and safekeeping of books, documents, intellectual and real property and equivalently significant assets.

Division Formation

The Alvan Ikoku Group Holdings is formally organized as a protected series of The Alvan Ikoku Group LLC — itself a series limited liability company — as provided for in the Delaware State Code of the United States. They are registered and headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware. The Alvan Ikoku Group Holdings is also officially known under the business names, The Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku Holdings and The Ikoku Holdings. All three names, as used in official Ikoku Group and Ikoku Holdings documents, products, programs, services and sites, refer to the same aforementioned divisional entity.

Division Focus

The Ikoku Holdings have taken up the conceptualization, innovation and application of safekeeping and secure management practices in five (5) areas of focus. Each of these are further described in the sections listed below:

  1. Design | Development; and

Division Mission

The Ikoku Holdings is thus structured to assist The Ikoku Group in fulfilling their shared, originating mission to foster care and creativity, ethics and innovation in work and communities of enduring concern to its Founder and Partners. As always, the objective is the improvement of lives and the betterment of societies.

Governing Structure


The Ikoku Holdings is led and managed by the Founder and Sole Owner of The Ikoku Group, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, who serves as President, Chair and CEO. The following are further details concerning governance of the Division.

Sole Shareholder, Director, Authorizer

Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku is the sole interests-holder, shareholder and director of The Ikoku Holdings, and as such is the only person empowered to authorize The Ikoku Holdings to engage in or enter into a specified activity or arrangement.

Sole Manner of Authorization

Such authorization by the above Founder may proceed only via expressly written instrument signed and sealed. No other activity in The Ikoku Holdings, or its Sites, Products, Programs and Services may take the place of such authorization, nor may any other such activity be taken as indication of donor preference, authorized transfer of charitable funds, or permission for any specific nonprofit activity on the part of The Ikoku Group, its President, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, or The Ikoku Charitable Trusts or The Ikoku Foundations.

Leadership and Management

Any further announcements and details of the leadership and management of The Ikoku Holdings shall be provided here upon completion of searches and appointments by the Founder.

Partners and Partnerships

Any further announcements and details of partners within and partnerships with The Ikoku Holdings shall be provided here upon completion of agreements and appointments by the Founder.

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Governing Documents


Provided below is a listing of documents pertaining to The Ikoku Holdings’ administration that are kept current in the Books and Records, including those of formation and corporate and user governance. All such documents are in the safekeeping of the Founder, President, CEO and Chair, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, who is the only person authorized to retain, amend, keep current and show originals and copies. Where appropriate, the public may be provided a link to access approved and downloadable copies of such documents.

For policies that govern employees, volunteers, partners, third-parties, visitors and users of The Ikoku Group, as well as its divisions, series, subsidiaries, and affiliates, and Sites, Services and Products, please see the main Codes and Policies page.

Agreement of The Ikoku Group

2019 The Amended and Restated Series Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement of The Alvan Ikoku Group LLC (HTML and PDF)

2019 The Limited Liability Company Operating Agreement of The Alvan Ikoku Group LLC (HTML and PDF)

Business Licensure

2020 Business License/Franchise Tax — Delaware (HTML and PDF)

2019 Business License/Franchise Tax — Delaware (HTML and PDF)

Certificate of Formation

2020 The Amended and Restated Certificate of Formation of The Alvan Ikoku Group LLC (HTML and PDF)

2019 The Certificate of Formation of The Alvan Ikoku Group LLC (HTML and PDF)

Codes and Policies

Codes and Policies (HTML and PDF)

Purpose, Form, Work

Ensuring the ongoing, perennial fulfillment of the founding mission and purposes thus entails a structuring of attention, efforts, resources and visions of impact  — for The Ikoku Group, The Ikoku Holdings, their work, and the communities the company and division serve — that is rooted in three core principles:


Areas of Focus Chosen for the Group’s Mission and Work

The Group’s Areas of Focus have been expressly chosen — and periodically evaluated — to ensure specified and full attention to communities and issues of enduring concern and commitment to the Founder and partners.


Divisions Formed and Administered for the Group’s Operations

The Group’s Divisions have also been expressly formed, administered — and periodically evaluated — to ensure efficacious operations in conceptualizing, developing, and carrying out ideas, objectives, and solutions.


Founding Ethics, Agreement and Policies for Group Governance

And guiding the Group through all its work are the Founding and Governing company agreements, codes, and attendant policies — collectively constituting its governance structure and standards.

More About Us

The Ikoku Holdings

The Ikoku Group was formed to foster care and creativity, ethics and innovation in work and communities of enduring concern to its founder, Alvan Azinna Chibuzo Ikoku, and partners.

— About Us

Mission, Scope, Founder

Founded as a US limited liability company, The Ikoku Group is engaged in work that is both domestic and international in scope, concerned as it is with offering services to communities and entities located across borders.

— Founding & Governance

Nature, Leadership, Ethics

The Ikoku Group is governed by its Founder‘s Agreement, by its Founding Ethics, and by a set of associated Policies — each thoughtfully derived from the above and collectively constituting the Group governance documents.

— Policies

Agreement, Laws, Terms, Conditions

Where available, The Group provides updates on news, events and media coverage pertaining to its operation, development, work, and communities.

— Press & Media

News, Events, Coverage

Where appropriate, The Group also provides alerts, newsletters and periodic reports for those who wish to sign up for, receive them — and thus become more deeply informed of recent developments and our past and ongoing work.

— Reports

Alerts, Newsletters, Periodicals

Those interested in its mission, objectives and work may contact The Ikoku Group for positions in its management, employee and contributing staff, and board and committee membership. A career at The Group will likely be deeply rewarding.

— Careers at The Ikoku Group

Boards, Jobs, Contributions